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Trans States Neg. UPDATE 6/23/14
Posted On: Jun 23, 2014

June 23th, 2014


Dear Flight Attendants,

As you are aware we have been meeting to discuss the contract with management.  We have TA (temporary agreement) on many sections of the contract.  We are currently working on two of the hardest sections of the contract, scheduling and compensation.  There are many rumors going around, i.e. no cancellation pay, we are going on strike etc… AGAIN THESE ARE RUMORS.  

I am asking for your assistance on the following items,

Please keep a log of your cancelled flights.  On the Samsung is a Polaris Office program.  I am using the excel spread sheet to keep a record of the date the flight was cancelled, the flight number, reason for cancellation and the time lost from the cancellation.  If possible please send this information to me at the end of each month.   
Screen shot, or copy and paste when a trip is being denied, due to being less than 60 block hours.  In flica you will notice 60 block hours and a credit of 75 hours for example.  Especially during the months of vacation, training, sick, etc.  Send that information as it occurs.
Forward to me when crew scheduling calls you between the hours of 2200 and 0600.  The date, time and reason of the call.  

Know your contract.  Carry your contract with you.  Your contract can be found in two places on the Samsung or on the teamster’s website.  www.teamsterslocal

Section 4  B-2.  The company recognizes the need that we as flight attendants require nutrition.  (Speak with your crew about taking a meal break in a hub, not at an outstation.  Get off the plane, take a short break, get your food and eat.  I am not saying take an hour break, but a short break)
Section 7   B-2.  A schedule duty day shall not exceed fourteen (14) hours and a flight attendant shall not be required to remain on duty to complete a duty period more than sixteen (16) hours.  (Note key word, schedule. Weather and maintenance is not included in the 14 hours.  But if crew scheduling calls you ahead of time to schedule more flying, keep in mind this section.
Section 7 D-4.  Following a reduced rest overnight the next day flying shall be limited to twelve (12) hours which in actualoperation may be extended to fourteen (14) hours at the flight attendant option.

Just reminders, never refuse flying, contact your manager and then file a report with your shop steward.  When you call in sick, per the GOM you must call crew scheduling and your manager.  You have the right to have union representation any time you have a meeting with in-flight.  

For the time being I will be handling both IAD and ORD union issues.  When we are done with negotiations, we will be looking for a shop steward for the IAD Base.


Fly Safe,


Opal A. Combs



IAD Committee members are as followed.  Please keep in mind we are all volunteering to make our union stronger and better.  We are always looking for more volunteers.

?Hotel--(Problems with hotel's, Please do an electronic trip report to management.  Notify Chairperson of the problem)

Lori Daddi—1-570-617-3258 or

?Go to Safety/ Team-- (Reviews repeated problems with FA's being injured, problems with galley carts, doors, carpet etc)  

Glenn  Aragon  --571-243-1267  or

?Disasters/Emergency--(For FA's with personal problems i.e. facing hurricanes, tornadoes, health issues, death in family as well as send out birthday, congratulations, sympathy cards.  If you know of a co-worker that has faced any of the above issues, let a member of this team know or your shop steward)

Tamara Blakely --619-995-3036 or

Mary Beth Sorbey--1-314-374-5822 or

?Training/Mentor(i.e. Professional Standards) –( 1.Training would be to work with in-flight to develop additional training, to have input on the training programs, because we are the front line and have a realistic view on what is going on in the aircraft.

2. Mentor/i.e. Professional standards--would be mentoring new hires with questions, touch base with them to see how they are doing etc.  If other flights attendants have a problem with a flight attendant, i.e.--dirty airplanes/ carts not stock right/ intervention before the fa goes to management)

Merecedes Aguilar- 1-301-655-3588 or

Jill Rowley 1-804-605-1838 or

?Communications (contacting members,i.e. by phone, email )

Deidra Hensley—770-883-6853 or

Trish Benett-757-618-3751 or

?Jump Seat--(work with company to obtain additional jump seat agreements with other airlines. Help other FA's understand and use these benefits.)

Fionna Jones-- 804-651-8125 or

?Scheduling--(Meet with Crew Planning and look at the lines and pairing

Opal Combs -  314-503-8337 or

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