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Posted On: May 18, 2010


Democrat, Republican, Independent Voter Education

Many decades ago then IBT General President James R. Hoffa recognized the importance and the value of becoming involved in the political arena. If the labor movement was going to have a strong voice for working people in the political arena, then we would have to become involved.

He started our Political Action Committee, "Democratic-Republican-Independent-Voter-Education" (D.R.I.V.E.), requesting volunteer contributions from our membership. When the program was started in the late 50's, the IBT requested that each member contribute five dollars ($5.00) per year. Today we ask the member to contribute an amount they are comfortable with.
It is with these contributions that we are able to support politicians who share our views and concerns for the labor movement and working people.

It is with these contributions that we are able to continue to educate our members.

It's the Teamsters who will continue to be the voice of the labor movement and be the watch dog for legislature that will help working people not hurt working people.

Remember - if we are not involved in the process then we cannot complain about the end results.

DRIVE is non-partisan and independent from any political party.

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