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Working Women Are Not 2nd Class Citizens
Posted On: Jan 21, 2011

Working Women Are Not Second-Class Citizens!

Contrary to popular belief, women do not work just for the fun of it. Often, working women are either the sole support of the family or else provide the supplemental income that determines whether their families make it or break it. In other words, women have to work.

Working women are entitled to the same wages and benefits as their male counterparts. If you settle for less, you are only selling yourselves out. However, some employers may give you no choice but to take what they offer. Instead of settling for second best, there is something you can do to guarantee for yourselves a living wage, adequate benefits, job security, and much more.

You can gain all this for yourselves by joining together and becoming members of the Teamsters Union. In unity there is strength. You will benefit, not only from the strength of a united work force at your place of employment, but also from the economic strength of over 1.5 million working women and men who belong to the Teamsters Union.


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